Searching (2019)

This movie made me nervous for having a daughter.

A disconnect between a child and a parent. That’s the theme of this movie.

This movie so special because this one uses laptops as presentations. The view throughout this movie never leaves the laptop. It’s like found footage, but a laptop view.

This movie tells the subtle feelings throughout actions happened in the laptop. It also uses many social tools effectively. So effective that I as an IT guy becoming nittpicking. Lol.

For instance, I don’t think any news outlet would’ve full coverage live on the site. So, it is weird for me if the news reporter broadcasted live finding and anything like that.

I wish the director would go full with other possible options. First, the movie should’ve provide footage from amateurs. I mean, people nowadays love to post anything. And, the investigation place, especially a case with teenager involved, would’ve filled with people.

Second, the movie mention of reddit. I wish the director would go fourth with dark side of the Internet. The movie would’ve interesting if they brave enough to show 4chan.

I mean, come on…

4chan was getting its fame not because of meme creation. On years ago, it was famous because it helps a poor person getting that person’s car back.

May be, the movie could effectively present some that I think should’ve not presented by a news outlet by using those kind of site (4chan etc.).

Meh. May be there would be repercussion in the Hollywood by making these dark sites heroes.

Anyway, this movie is awesome.

Jan Peter Alexander Rajagukguk

Jan Peter Alexander Rajagukguk

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