A Quiet Place (2018)

A late review from last year. I don’t know why this isn’t published yet. :P

A Quite Place (2018) is a good family movie with horror settings. It won’t jump scare you. In fact, it utilize the lack of sound as a way to scare us.

A family was struggling in the midst of an alien invasion. A daughter with special hearing needs, a son, and spouses. Did I mention only a son? They got two, but he was taken in the early of the movie. It isn’t spoiler because it was on the trailer.

Yes, blame the trailer for spoiling it up.

I think that was the beginning of the conflict in the family. I love it how the characters try to fill their purposes in the movie. Especially for kids.

I enjoy this movie not because of the suspense. It really is suspenseful. But, as a man with family, I find a horror in the movie from how you could manage the family. How you could manage your kids expectations.

It usually a struggle of a man for all of his family member. Thank God, because of the Hollywood inclusion, the mother is given with a perfect balance as a main character. Instead of becoming dimsel of distress, the wife also supports the whole family.

Yeah, for this movie, the man got a cheat for having a perfect wife. He just need to struggle with his children.

A great movie in 2018.

Jan Peter Alexander Rajagukguk

Jan Peter Alexander Rajagukguk

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